Kendall Ananyi


Kendall Ananyi, the founder and CEO of Tizeti, graduated from the University of Victoria in Canada with a master’s in electrical and computer engineering. The recipient of a University of Victoria Graduate Fellowship in 2004, he entered the University of Victoria shortly after completing his bachelor’s in electrical and electronics engineering at the University of Benin. He founded Tizeti and took part in Winter 2017 Y Combinator batch . Since then, Kendall Ananyi has focused his efforts on growing and establishing Tizeti, a wireless network startup backed by Y Combinator. The firm was also recognized by Fast Company as one of Africa’s most innovative companies in 2020.

At Tizeti, Mr. Ananyi works on bringing wireless internet access to urban environments in Africa. Based in Nigeria, the company has partnered with such big names as Nokia and Facebook to improve internet access for customers. It has also built its own 4G-capable towers in cities around Nigeria through which it delivers its services. As CEO, Kendall Ananyi finds new residential and business customers for the company, in addition to overseeing installation services and customer support. Beyond that, he handles the daily operations of Tizeti, ensures the company stays compliant with all relevant regulatory agencies, and handles accounting and administrative functions.